How to cheat Badge Points (Edit Badge). Edit

How to cheat Edit

To cheat go to My Tools than click AutoEdit pages. Go to to generate any number list you want. You can also type byhand in the Pages textbox. Put 1 to 100 for High On Sugar, 1 to 1000 for Unlucky Edit. Put anything in Add Text. Putting Category Cheat or Image Cheat can award you way more. Then paste the number list into Pages. (if you are making test pages.) You can use prefixes/suffixes that are not used on other pages to create new pages.

A slower way do to this: Edit

To cheat go to this page. Or any page here! Go to a normal page and go to down to the categories. Add only 1 category and click save. Then add again 1 category and then save it. And do this again and again. 

High on Sugar Badge Edit

Add 1 category and save it 100 times.

Unlucky Edit Badge

Add 1 category and save it 1,000 times.

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